Writing & Editing Contracting

Write Degree Communications can provide you with complete writing and editing services for your technical documentation. Whether you outsource your entire technical documentation mission to us or you bring us on to assist on an already-established team, we will make sure that you are completely satisfied with our services.

We will customize our offering based on your need, and we can work either on an hourly basis or bid on entire projects.

Following are some examples of the services we offer:

Information Design and Architecture

  • User help system architecture review and setup to make sure you are reaching your audience with the right information at the right time in the right way
  • Best-practices and strategies for documentation processes, maintenance, source control, and version control
  • Single-sourcing and multi-channel output strategies


  • Technical writing services to create your content using industry-standard best practices
  • Complete quality review to ensure accuracy of information
  • Complete review with developers or other experts for their signoff
  • Will add multi-media content if needed to address audience needs


  • Quality control editing
  • Comprehensive editing
  • Copy editing and proofreading


  • Publish content onto existing web host or establish a new web host
  • Manage professional printing for printed output
  • Publish mobile or epub content as necessary

See more about our process at How we work – Writing and Editing contracting. Ready to get started? Contact us!