How we work – MadCap Flare training

MadCap Flare is a wonderful authoring tool for technical communicators. Its innovative technologies and capabilities allow technical communicators to work smarter and faster. Plus, it’s just a fun tool to use!

Even so, Flare has a steep learning curve. Write Degree Communications provides a full range of MadCap Flare training opportunities for your team. We can customize any offering to fit your need. Need a full week of on-site training? We can do that. Need just an hour of remote training to explain a specific feature? We can do that too.

In every case, we try to provide as much hands-on practice as possible using scenarios that mirror your current work situations and future objectives. We like to view our training more like workshops!

1. Before the training

Prior to your training, we will conduct a Pre-Training assessment. This assessment is critical for a successful training. The goal of this assessment is as follows:

  • Gather information about your current work situation
  • Understand where you want to be at the end of your Flare training–in other words, what you want to get out of the training
  • Construct a customized agenda for you needs
  • Review the agenda with your beforehand and make any adjustments

2. During the training

During the training, we will constantly review and assess whether our training is providing what you need. If not, we will adjust. If we are doing on-site training, we will work with you as late into the evening as you want to!

3. After the training

Once the training is complete, we will ask for a post-training review and assessment. This provides the opportunity for us to follow-up on any topics you still have questions about, and it allows us to take your comments and improve our offerings for the future.

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