How we work – Writing & Editing Contracting

Our objective is to help you and your company produce the best documentation and publications, and to leave you well-positioned for the future. Every situation is different, and we will mold our workflow to your specific situation to make sure that you get the result you need. We seek feedback at every stage in the process to make sure that we’re meeting your requirements.

Write Degree Communications’ philosophy is that quality content is the primary factor in successful documentation and user help. Throughout the process, our primary focus is to develop top-quality content that works for the intended audience. While we take other considerations very seriously (such as design, findability, searchability, etc.), none of them can compensate for poor content quality.

Here is the general high-level process that we follow. We will customize this workflow based on your need:

1. Catch your vision

  • Meet with your project team to understand your documentation requirements, and provide input and feedback as necessary
  • Establish solid working relationships with members of your project team
  • Understand your schedule and establish milestones
  • As necessary, draft high-level project plan

2. Perform audience analysis

  • Assess the needs of your audience 
  • Assess the current skill level of the users in your audience
  • Engage internal teams, such as support, client care, and marketing to assess current pain points for customers
  • Draft use cases and scenarios to match findings to real-world scenarios and validate assumptions
  • Enlist real users who are willing to provide feedback and testing

3. Plan and design

  • Create role-based task list
  • Draft outline
  • Choose optimal tool
  • Draft sample topics and create draft site for review

4. Write, edit, and validate

  • Write draft content for all topics. Work with developers for context-senstive help
  • Create screen captures, diagrams, and screen casts as necessary
  • Perform quality review test to validate drafted content
  • Test drafted content with users

5. Revise and publish

  • Make changes based on user feedback and reviews
  • Finalize the documentation deliverables (quality review, comprehensive edit, and copy edit)
  • Manage the translation process as necessary
  • Publish the documentation

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