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Daniel Ferguson

I’ve been active in technical writing, instructional design, and customer support roles since the start of my career nearly 15 years ago. I started my career as a technical writer for IBM in Austin, TX immediately upon graduating from college. In my six years on that technical writing team, I held several different roles on the IBM AIX operating system documentation team. At the conclusion of my time on that team, I was serving as the team lead for all AIX system administration documentation and lead writer for PowerVM, which was IBM’s new software virtualization solution for IBM Unix servers. I also contributed to the API reference documentation. During my time as team lead, I drove and contributed to many improvement efforts that earned us the top customer satisfaction for documentation in our industry.

After six years on the AIX technical writing team, I took a role as a project manager in the AIX support organization. My experience as a technical writer led naturally to my role in the support organization, where I designed and implemented the support experience for our customers. In this role, I was able to help build a relationship between the support organization and the technical writing team, thereby improving the results that both teams delivered.

After working for five years in the AIX support organization, I decided to follow my passion back to technical writing. Seeking a new industry and new career growth and expansion opportunities, I left IBM to join the technical writing team for the LDS Church’s IT development and support organization in Salt Lake City. As opposed to my tech writing work at IBM (where I focused primarily on one or two huge products), my work at the LDS Church consisted of smaller projects that varied significantly from each other.

My work at the LDS Church introduced me to MadCap Flare, a powerful authoring tool with a rich feature set designed to meet the most challenging technical communication problems. Flare was what enabled me to meet the demands of many different clients with different audiences and different requirements. But most importantly, I just find Flare a very fun tool to use!

I started Write Degree Communications to offer technical documentation and MadCap training services to a broader set of clients. Our projects range from simple pamphlets to comprehensive user guides and reference guides. We also train and coach corporate technical writing teams on transitioning their documentation from legacy tools to MadCap Flare. If your company needs any technical documentation or communication services, please contact us on our contact page.

-Daniel Ferguson