Does your help need help?

Write Degree Communications provides technical documentation contracting, consulting, and training services to help your business create the help content that your users need. Effective and usable help for your product results in higher customer satisfaction, reduced support cost, and increased customer retention, all of which are good for your business.

How can Write Degree Communications help you?

Write Degree Communications can help you with:

  • Administration, user, and installation guides
  • API reference guides
  • SDK documentation
  • Tutorials
  • Screencasts and e-Learning modules
  • Technical writing training and education
  • Documentation project setup and kickoff

We also provide customized MadCap Flare training and consulting services. Some examples of what we can help you with include:

  • Migrating your legacy documentation to Flare
  • Using advanced single-sourcing capabilities to reduce your development time
  • Delivering your documentation in multiple formats, such as HTML, PDF, and ePub
  • Setting up Flare for multi-author and source-controlled environments
  • Building documentation that matches your company’s branding
  • Preparing content that is ready for translation

Whatever your circumstance, Write Degree Communications is committed to providing you exceptional service and results.

Ready to get started? Check out our more detailed services page, and then get in contact with us!